DPC 2013 🙂

This weekend (6-8 june), Amsterdam hosted the annual Duth PHP Conference, and I attended to a really PHP conference for the first time! I will try to summarize the experience here, because I was one of the (**really**) few women there and it may be funny to read what’s on a [brazilian] women mind (when she is surrounded by all sorts of nerds), anyways 🙂

First of all, we had a Google speaker ( Adewale Oshineye ). That is probably enough to make anything awesome! We also had a speakerholic guy – Anthony, who made me fear even more WordPress (and I will never again, in my life, get ride of this uncomfortable feeling when I log in to my wp-admin).

We had Igor Wiedler with his crazy talk about Lisp, enough to make your brain bleed for some hours. We had Kevlin Henney, the ending keynote speaker, with an awesome talk telling us a big picture about patterns and the story of programming languages, full of really special references that caught me thinking until now (yes, I totally wake up on sunday thinking about design patterns and Lisp, and about new ServiceProviders for Yolo).

Rewinding a little bit, we had Matthias Noback’s talk about depency injection, and it was specially important for me because I’m having some scope problems recently with Pimple, trying to workout an OSS project based on Stack.

A funny fact: I was **always** reading Matthias’s blog for tips about Silex and Symfony stuff when I was still living in Brazil, then as soon as I got here in Amsterdam,I joined #AmsterdamPHP and guess what: the speaker of the month would be Mathias. with a crazy talk about Twig

My friend Rafael represented very well Brazil (deal with it!) with his talk about Composer. I’m using composer for a year and, honestly, I didn’t know that he had to keep the composer.lock file in the repos, for instance. A lot of details that I was missing.

Eamon Leonard talk was also brilliant and very inspiring, by the way.

We had the amazing Hackaton promoted by AmsterdamPHP (that my team won, by the way) where we could get extra points for using something with bacon, coffee, beer, zombies, elephants, and something else that I don’t remember. Well, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!

And we had lots of fun. Ross and the DPC organization in general did an excellent job, from the start to the end. The social was great, its really crazy the fact that you suddenly are talking with some of that people that you only read (or heard) about in the PHP community.

So, thanks everybody who made this happen! See you next year (maybe in PHPBenelux because I won a ticket, and apparently PHPNW :P)

ps. a special thanks to @mwop for my first elephpant, and for all friends for the great time 🙂