A quick wrap-up post about PHPBenelux conference 2015.

The conference season started once again, and PHPBenelux keeps the tradition of kicking off the year in great style. This is a special conference to me, always heard about it back in Brazil and never thought I would be attending one day in my life.

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DigitalOcean prepared something really awesome for the attendees on the Friday social: a surf simulator!

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This is the second year I attend – this time I didn’t have the pleasure of being a official speaker as last year, but I did my job at the unconference 🙂 You can find the slides of my talk “The Art of Programming” here.

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In short, the whole conference was amazing and the organizers did an excellent job, as always.
The wrap-up video speaks for itself:

What other conference in the world closes with a magic show?

And with a bit of magic, #phpbnl15 comes to a close… Thanks to the @phpbenelux crew for a wonderful season opener! pic.twitter.com/FH3u918lsw

— Ben (@benmarks) January 24, 2015

To check the photos I took in the event, have a look here.