Chances are you already knew I left DO since this happened quite a few months ago. But I just wanted to write a proper farewell post as a way of saying THANK YOU for the whole journey 🙂

Time Flies.

You certainly heard and said that a million times, but you never really grasp the reality of these words until you have a child. Because, damn! Those cute tiny humans grow really fast. But unlike other mammals, human babies need much more dedication for a lot more time, before they are able to do things by themselves (even eat!).

I had an amazing jumpstart with my baby girl. But when faced with the reality of going back to work, I just couldn’t. I totally get why you would want to go back to work, thou. Taking care of a baby is incredibly demanding, so choosing between going full time mama or going back to work will always leave you full of doubts and guilt. There is no right answer, just what works better for your family and your current situation. In my case, all things considered, I chose the route of staying with my baby and focusing entirely on her for her first year, at least.

What made this decision extra though on me was the fact that I had the best job I could ask for. I love DigitalOcean and the people behind it, they were always so incredibly supportive and helpful… this job really made me learn a ton of new things, since my start as a developer advocate, going through my time as a technical writer, and finally as a software engineer, when they gave me this super cool chance of learning a new programming language so I could go back to work with what I really love: coding.

first conference as developer advocate for DO

I was already pregnant when I realized I was not in the right career path as a technical writer. Even though I love to write, I missed coding so damn much! I was torn for months because I didn’t want to leave my job, considering I was pregnant and it would be extra extra hard to get a new job; and it would hardly be for a company as good as DO. Eventually I had to talk with someone about it, and my amazing manager at that time – Etel Sverdlov – was incredibly supportive. Soon, I was presented with the choice to move to a new team to work as software engineer, under the guidance of another amazing person I had the pleasure to work with: David Worth.

I worked my ass off to learn Ruby, and even though it was always very challenging, I managed to really feel part of the team through my contributions. Special thanks to Vitor Pellegrino (another Brazilian at DO \,,/) and Sam Phippen for being always so helpful, I learned tons of stuff with you guys!

A couple months before going on maternity leave. Gosh, what a round face… 😛

There’s a ton other people that I would like to thank but I’m always afraid I will forget someone, so I’ll just say this: THANK YOU ALL, people behind DigitalOcean <3

and this is little Alice with the lovely shark robe DO sent us <3

Farewell DO, and thanks for all the.. sharks!