PHP Experience 2015 wrap-up

Last weekend I was in São Paulo for the PHP Experience conference. Here is a wrap-up of what happened and some cool pictures of the event :) Last weekend, more precisely on Saturday (25), the 2015 edition of the … read more

SunshinePHP 2015 wrap-up

Last weekend, the 2015 edition of SunshinePHP conference took place in the sunny Miami, Florida. Two days of awesome talks and great socials, in a most formidable venue. This is a quick wrap-up post about my exper… read more

PHPBenelux conference 2015

A quick wrap-up post about PHPBenelux conference 2015. The conference season started once again, and PHPBenelux keeps the tradition of kicking off the year in great style. This is a special conference to me, always… read more

How to: Arduino Pomodoro Timer - part 1/2

Schematics and code to create your own Pomodoro timer on a breadboard using Arduino Those who follow me on Twitter probably saw pictures and quick videos of my digital Pomodoro  timer prototype. I used the case… read more

I found Wonderland. Hint: it's in Germany

In 2013 I went to Hamburg with my Husband as he was attending a conference - called CCC,  Chaos Communication Congress . Happening since 1984, the conference is organized by the Chaos Computer Club, cha… read more