Vagrant Cookbook

Vagrant Cookbook is an e-book (available on LeanPub) that provides a practical guide to Vagrant and its most used provisioners - Puppet, Chef and Ansible, including also the new features released with Vagrant 1.5.

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DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

As you probably already know, I just started working as developer advocate for DigitalOcean. This week I went to my first DrupalCon, also the first conference I'm participating as a sponsor! I had such an amazing time t… read more

New challenges ahead

Chances are you already heard the  news : I'm now joining  DigitalOcean  as a Developer Evangelist, working close to the PHP community to help creating amazing things! I'm really excited about this, specially because… read more

Configuring a multistage environment with Ansible and Vagrant

Ansible is a powerful and clean tool for automation. This post covers the configuration of a multistaging environment, consisting of one local development environment controlled by Vagrant, and one or more remote serv… read more

Creating a Twitter app with Twilex

Twilex is a new open source project I put together, in order to serve as base for some Twitter apps I plan to create. It basically provides a base structure, on top of Silex and Flint , using TTools as Twitter A… read more

Quick user guide for Vagrant

A (really) quick user guide that could be easily included on projects or just printed for colleagues who are starting with Vagrant. The pdf versions are suited for landscape, A4 print. Click here to download the PDF … read more